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I’ve been a fan of spreadsheets and of Microsoft Excel especially for over 30 years. I began working in the technology field in 1984, and in the early 90’s, Quicken was my go-to-program for managing my checkbook and bank accounts. But eventually I tired of the constant upgrades and hassles, so I decided to abandon Quicken and manage my bank accounts in Excel. But after searching and testing lots of different checkbook register templates (including the lame ones from Microsoft!), I decided to create my own. Eventually I chose to share my Excel Checkbook Register spreadsheet with the world (for free!). But the costs to host a website and maintain it all became a bit much. So in 2024, I launched this website as the central hub for my Excel Checkbook Register templates.

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“This is amazing!!! I downloaded your template, and it’s fantastic! It was really, really nice of you to share this. May God bless you for your kindness!“